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Hello Students, Parents & Friends of ECKD.

Well done to all students who passed their GREEN TAG and PROMOTION on Wednesday – PIL SUNG !

I have now updated the website ‘Student Index’ table to reflect your new grades so PLEASE check for mistakes (they do happen) !

If you see a mistake tell me quickly so I can correct it because the SDF-ASMAA use the table to update their database – Thank you.

If you haven’t got the ‘student area’ login details (given to you in your welcome email) please ask.

Those of you who have checked the 2018 training schedule at 2018 training schedule will know there is NO training on Monday 11th. It is reserved for Instructor & Black Belt training.

However, as always, you are welcome to train on Wednesday.

Students who like to ONLY train on Mondays will invariably miss out due to public holidays etc, which is why all students (at the school’s expense) can attend Mondays AND Wednesdays at no extra cost if desired.

BLUE Grade 11th JULY
The Blue Tag ‘Close Quarter’ syllabus is arguably the most demanding. It does however, include the most effective techniques to counter a ‘in your face’ confrontation. Detailed ‘trial and error’ research by myself over many years has produced a practical, easy to learn (with some commitment) very effective system.

 In my research - which never ends - I have rejected many so called ‘Self Defence’ techniques as being next to useless in a ‘real life’ situation, and those I’ve accepted into our syllabus have been tweaked and altered so they can be used by ‘normal’ people. So, your Close Quarter syllabus is really worth the effort to get right. It won’t let you down in your moment of need, but you must attend classes to ensure this.

Also bear in mind that when using a ‘close quarter’ technique in real life getting it ‘about right’ rarely works especially against a weapon, so attend as much as possible with the intention of ‘getting it right’…

If you look at the ‘Student Index’ on the website you will see there are no less than 24 students entitled to GRADE (actual promotion) for their next Belt level on the 11th July, and thats not including students who are going for their Green Tag. That’s a lot, and will be a demanding task for just a few examiners to cope with.

So use the opportunity of there being 4 Mondays and 4 Wednesdays available to train, so you’ll be so competent  the actual grade will be merely a formality !

That’s it for now my friends, I wish all of you a great weekend and see you Wednesday. Hopefully the promotion belts and certificates will be ready in time.

John Edwards

Founder and Head Instructor (ECKD)

5th Dan Black Belt freestyle martial art

4th Dan Black Belt practical Self Defence certified

1st, 2nd & 3rd degree Black Belt CKD USA approved CMAA approved instructor

SDF-ASMAA certified instructor

Police & TA certified close quarter instructor

020 8304 3500

07919 356980