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EMAIL SENT 23/2/18

Dear ECKD Students.

Grade/Testing next Wednesday February 28th.

Next MONDAY 26th is the last chance students have to hone their skills and prepare for the grade/testing on the Wednesday 28th.

There are a few students who are entitled to grade because they have the required 2 Belt Tags but have been absent from training. I strongly recommend  you attend on Monday to check whether or not you are ready for testing/grading.

It really is a waste of examiners time and effort when turning up for a grade/testing and not being ready. Especially were grading for promotion is concerned because the £20 grade fee is NOT refundable !

Also,  students who normally only attend on Mondays will add to the overall student count, so the examiners will not appreciate the extra work of marking students who don’t know their stuff..So, dear students, be honest with yourselves and ask “am I ready to give 100% for my green Tag or promotion”?

If in doubt, you are most likely not ready.

If you are grading don’t forget to bring your “Record of Achievement” Book and grade fee.

ECKD has a good reputation and status in the martial art/Self Defence community, and the only way we can keep our syllabus at a high level is by promoting students worthy of their Belt level – thank you.

Students who are not grading/testing should still attend. This is a great way of learning the syllabus and seeing it in action AND demonstrates your commitment !

Congratulations to Giancarlo Mendes on his promotion to Instructor – very well deserved and it’s great to have him on the Instructor team - check out this link

I Look forward very much to seeing you Monday and/or Wednesday.

Regards and best wishes to you all.

John Edwards

Founder and Head Instructor (ECKD)


John Edwards

Founder and Head Instructor (ECKD)

5th Dan Black Belt freestyle martial art

4th Dan Black Belt practical Self Defence certified

1st, 2nd & 3rd degree Black Belt CKD USA approved CMAA approved instructor

SDF-ASMAA certified instructor

Police & TA certified close quarter instructor

020 8304 3500

07919 356980