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EMAIL SENT 19/1/18

Dear Students,
Parents and Friends.


This is reminder our next grade and Tag testing for the RED TAG is next Wednesday 24th Jan.

If you are grading it is important you bring your Black Book and £20 grade fee. If you are Belt Tagging its FREE.

Not Grading/Tagging…

If you are not grading or Belt Tagging you will not participate due to limited floor space and high student count, it also helps the examiners to see only those grading or Tagging are on the floor.

However, you are very welcome to attend, help, watch and learn, and participate if there is time.

Important - PLEASE only put yourself forward for Grading /Tagging if you know and can confidently perform your Forms and speed drills from White Belt to your current Belt level.

Grade fee (£20) is NOT REFUNDABLE !

Students entitled to grade
(only if you know you are ready please).
Louie. W – Yellow Belt
Razine. A – Yellow Belt
Lennox. L – Yellow Belt
Ganluca. S – Yellow Senior Belt
Olivia. S – Yellow Senior Belt
Luke. B – Gold Belt
Harry. G – Gold Senior Belt
Steve. M – Orange Belt
Rion. G – Orange Senior
Nathan. – Green Belt
Yasmin. M – IL DAN Yellow Belt

If you want to brush up ready for the Grade I recommend you attend next Monday 22nd . This applies to A & B classes including Black Belts. Mondays tend to be quieter (at the moment) and you can be sure of individual attention. Plus some Focus mitt/shield training for the B class which we missed out on Wednesday due to running out of time.

Instructors, Trainee Instructors and Black Belts…
Monday 29th January 7pm – 8.30

is your personalised training for the Green Tag (Defence Drills). Please  do your utmost to attend so we all read from the same page when teaching, and you will receive personal training as well. We will probably finish before 8.30 depending on progress. This is an important part of your Instructor commitment and fulfils my promise to provide separate training for you. Please inform me in plenty of time if you cannot attend !

Monday 29th is reserved for Instructors, trainee instructors, and Black Belts as above, please do not attend – thank you.

As always, contact me if you need any further info’


John Edwards

Founder and Head Instructor (ECKD)

5th Dan Black Belt freestyle martial art

4th Dan Black Belt practical Self Defence certified

1st, 2nd & 3rd degree Black Belt CKD USA approved

CMAA approved instructor

SDF-ASMAA certified instructor

Police & TA certified close quarter instructor

020 8304 3500

07919 356980